Lyndon Walker Music Video

This music video was literally made on a "Cooking soup on a nail" budget! But it was really fun to do.

My main goal was to achieve an overall low-fi, cut-up, collage-esque look: a visual blend somewhere between Frank Zappa's You Are What You Is video and Richard Hamilton's pop art piece Just what is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing? 

There are many pop culture references in the video as well, but more than anything I just wanted it to be fun to watch. I think Lyndon Walker has a good sense of humor and doesn't take himself all that seriously - that gave me a lot of elbow room to come up with crazy ideas and create a unique visual universe.

And it was a great opportunity for me to play around with all the things I like - superheros, ninjas and girls in bikini's and wrestling masks…

ENJOY and please share this all you want - it's much appreciated : )


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