Rich Kids of Instagram

                                  Rich Kids of Instagram - A Novel

I recently co-created and illustrated this book with my wife, Maya Sloan and the anonymous Creator of the website RKOI. One of the most fun and challenging projects ever! And now it's out in the world...

We knew early on that this was going to be a very unusual collaboration and a very unusual book in general. The website provided the initial concept of course and the story and characters evolved over an intense period of research on the 1%.

Although the RKOI novel was not originally intended to have images in it, luckily the publisher agreed to it. We really wanted to pay homage to the site itself and the kids who made it an internet sensation.
The illustrations are B/W in the paperback and color in the E-Reader. 

Rich Kids of Instagram:

Get the book here - it's the wealthy way I hear : )

And finally - OWN AN ORIGINAL RKOI ARTWORK!  24in x 24in limited edition Gilcee print  based on artwork from Rich Kids of Instagram: The Novel. It is on museum quality paper, signed and numbered by me. Only 150 will be printed.

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