Poster Design for URTA

Some time ago I was contacted by the Executive Director of the
University/Resident Theatre Association in New York for a new poster design. 
I looked through some of URTA's previous posters and felt we had to take a new direction.
I rarely get to do graphic design stuff, and honestly I prefer to paint, but this gave me an opportunity to dabble in the footsteps of one of my all time favorite designers, Saul Bass.

And you can't beat him so you might as well accept that from the beginning and just accept that if you can do anything in the "spirit" of Saul Bass, well then that's good enough.
Here's some of Saul Bass' great works that I used for reference.

 The poster also ran as effective full page adds in American Theatre Magazine and Lighting and Sound America.

The first thing I did was to fold up one of these ol' suckers - that took 3 days, the rest was easy…

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